Saturday, July 12, 2008

This realy brought it all into perspective for me.

Look...the mortgage situation sucks, oil is at record highs, no one can pay their bills...OHHH LOOK NEW IPHONE...EVERYONE GO STAND IN LINE.


Brigid said...

Not going to buy one. If what I have works, I'd just as soon have the money for ammo.

But don't listen to me.

I'm not into the technology for some things. But I did made a "pocket DME" in college. The base was a cribbage board, on one end was a kitchen timer, the other a rotatable knog and wrapped around stragetically placed cribbage pegs was taut wire, which was hooked into the kitchen timer and the knob. On the pegboard were marked distances and wind speeds. By carefully selecting where the wire was placed, based on wind and distance, and
t u r n i n g it slowwwwlllly you'd wind up the kitchen timer. Thenit was time to take off.

When the kitchen timer went off you were at your destination! I would have been rich. . had it actually worked (me. . .sectional. . looking down. . . WTF??!!!!)

aepilot_jim said...


Strangely I've been in the same place, except without all the Mr. Wizard stuff. I think they sell special sectionals to those of us who have no sense of direction. Still it's nice to look outside when you're flying.

Brigid said...
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Brigid said...

sorry typo there.

I found a LOLcat generator and have been having some fun. Most I wouldn't dare post. . . though I can send them to my brothers.