Sunday, October 4, 2009

Worries? No Worries. Aftermath

Just so you all know. The cost of flying Air force One to Europe so the great 0 could get kicked with a reality boot and not get the "Chicago corruption machine"(TM) the Olympics was $900,000 dollars... US... But he'll just print more. So no worries.

Oh and that's just the 747, not the 2 C-17's or ancillary planes and vehicles. How long was he there? 50 minutes?

Remember the economy? It's still tanking. Or Afghanistan? Still fighting going on there. What else did he promise? I guess you can name it and safely say he didn't keep that either.

But on the topic of Afghanistan. This last week he said he needed a few weeks to evaluate the situation and formulate a strategy. W! T! F! He's had nearly a year since he was elected. Even longer if you take it from the time in the campaign when he first stated his platform on the matter. He's just now looking into it?

Hey 0! You're the president. You don't get to hand in assignments late. There's no partial credit in that job. Do your G... D... homework BEFORE it's too late.


{rant off}

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