Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I did on my summer vacation.

I went to Blogoradoville this last weekend.  A couple of us gathered there to help do some setup for this years Blogorado.  The plan was to start work on the Blogorado Battle Buggy and maybe do some setup on the range.

We actually stayed mostly to plan.

Here are a couple of pics of the buggy.  Coming along nicely, don't you think?

I'm trying to convince them that this should be the Blogorado flag.  The Skull and Bewbies.  I'm finding it a tougher sell than I first imagined.  Can't figure out why.


Old NFO said...

Good thing you're not a salesman... it's ALL about the close! :-)

Anonymous said...

Didn't one of the George Bush boys belong to the Skull and Boobies Club in college?

WV disse "Don' disse mah flag, homie."