Sunday, October 12, 2008

Warning: Political Post.

I had a strange conversation yesterday. I got a call from a friend in town. We hadn't talked in a while. Turns out her phone died and she'd lost all her phone book when she got her new phone. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, we're talking about life, job, general stuff, when she asks who I'm voting for. Since I'm very reticent about talking politics with anyone, I was a bit hesitant to answer. But I bit down hard and told her I was voting McCain/Palin. Actually, I'm voting Palin/Flu. But that's another blog. Anyway, she launches into a low orbit.

First she says Palin abused her power as a governor. I asked her what Palin did and she admitted she didn't know, she just knew she abused her power. I don't know who said it, but you're right. People don't read the news, they read the headlines.

Next she said, wait, let me relate this as best as I can remember.

Her: "Vote your collar!"
Me: "Vote my what?!?"

Because I could have sworn she said something else. And while I have German/Jewish/Spanish/Native American blood in me I'd never been accused of being that color.

Her: "Vote you C-O-L-L-A-R!"
Me: "Oh... my collar. What do you mean?"

At which point she proceeded to school me on how the Demican's are the working man's party and the Republicrats are the party of the rich and snobbery. How McChurian is gonna tax everyone and the Obamassiah is only gonna take it from the rich. Who are gonna take it lying down and wouldn't never ever never dream of passing that cost on through their businesses to us leettle pweoples. And I should vote with her because my collar is blue. Which she assumed because I don't make tons and tons of rupees. Now, while my current position has me at about 20 grand below the national average for my job, that does not make me anything other than struggling.

Right. Umm.... The Democrats stopped being the "working man's party" back in the eighties or there abouts. The Democrats have since become the Socialist Party in all but name.

Don't get me wrong. The Republicans aren't much better these days.

This election, more than any other, isn't about any of those old traditional demarcations of people in this country. It's about preserving and protecting our basic human rights. Dare I say it? Our constitutionally guaranteed (not granted, see that?) basic human rights.

On the one hand we have a candidate who has demonstrated in his campaigning that he will trample on the 1st to suppress any dissenting opinion of his messianity (Yes, I'm talking about you Barrack). How do you think he's gonna treat the others if he has that little respect for the first one.

The other paw has a guy who's done nearly the same thing, only the MSM jumped all over him about it and at least he had the decency to wait till he'd been in the senate more than 30 seconds to try it.

Her response to this was she doesn't own guns, so it won't affect her. (You ever want to slap your forehead with you hand... while it's holding a brick.) Hello? It sure as hell will when they slam the concentration camp gate behind your skinny ass. That is one, count them, one of the twenty seven (27) that we have. And I didn't even use that one as the example. Where's a brick wall when you need one.

Like a lot of you out there I've been left with the only option being hold my nose and vote for the least objectionable one. Yippee us, huh.

If you find yourself at the polls in 3 weeks thinking that you collar of all things matters in this election. Just think for a second. You may very well be trading in your collar for a yoke.

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Brigid said...

I'm trying to still figure out what you possibly would have in common with this woman. :-)

But I get those comments all the time from people. Taxing the "rich" means SINGLE people making over $42,000. That's a lot of us. With property tax through the roof (no pun intended) 8% sales tax, gas tax, state LOCAL AND federal, I lose 33% of my income to taxes. . and Obama will want more. The tax on small businesses will hit us all, driving up our living expenses higher than they are now. She's right, the gun might be a moot point, who will be able to afford ammo?