Friday, August 22, 2008


It took me all day, but I (think) I finally completely migrated over to iPhone (tm) from Palm.


I hope.


Alan said...

Is it a 3G?

I'd be interested to hear how AT&T's 3G coverage is in Oklahoma.

Anthony said...

I moved away from Palm, bypassed and resisted the iPhone craze (mostly because when I needed a new phone it costed as much as a new gun) and I went right to the Blackberry and I love it. I probably wont go back to Palm as my primary handheld, the Blackberry has me hooked. Except I am entering nursing school and I may use the palm for the plethora of medical related things available such as a prescription drug reference and a body atlas.

If the iPhone disappoints you I suggest the Blackberry Pearl from AT&T.