Thursday, August 28, 2008


Anthony asked in one of my comments where to get ebooks. Aside from Amazon (but you have to look hard) and the other main book outlets on the web, I use the following alot. This is a non-profit outfit that's transcribing out of copyright material to electronic format on the web. A lot of the classics that I've read over the last couple of years are from here. If nothing else, contribute a bit, it's a good thing. This is the online store for the ebook reader I use on my PC. Some good stuff, some weird stuff too. A lot of my favorite SciFi writers are part of Baen Publishing. They've got a free library and a link to which carries several publishing houses output.

I shall now go off on a tangent.

Eric Flint, the "web librarian" of Baen's free library has a treatise, if you will, about making these books freely available. Read it, it's good, just go to the free library and click the home link.

Edit: Alan over at Snarkybytes just pointed me to Feedbooks. I just might sign up for an account. I was looking at the Stanza reader for iPhone earlier today since Mobipocket hasn't ported over theirs yet.


Alan said...

Take a look at FeedBooks. They format public domain books for all the popular ebook readers. Kindle, Sony, iPhone,

Anthony said...

Thanks a lot for making this post. I have been spending the last few hours looking for a downloading interesting books that I want to read. Good thing I have insomnia lol.

My "to read" list has just gotten much much larger, at this rate I will be reading until I am old and gray.