Thursday, August 14, 2008

Guess what today was.

Yeap you guessed it. Range day! I made my way out to Happy Hollow in Sapulpa and FUN was had by all. And by all I mean me, mostly.

This first target was standard isosceles stance. Gone is my high left penchant. Plus a mag trying to hit that small dot. But that was just fun. This was done at 10 yards BTW. I'm thinking my sight picture is wrong somehow. Another day at the range should see to that. But, hey, any excuse in a storm. Or something like that.

This target I split between strong hand and off hand. I'm cross eye dominant, so I'm shooting strong hand/weak eye and weak hand/dominant eye. And the really bad flyer was strong hand. I'm chalking it up to getting used to the new trigger. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. If you cant read my writing, it's 3 - 8 rnd mags strong hand, 2 1/2 - 8 rnd mags weak hand.

The trigger job. For some reason I thought that Springfield put a 5 1/2 lb. trigger in their factory guns. Boy was I wrong. The trigger on my Mil-Spec was 7+ lbs. A really bad, I mean bad, take up, and a mushy break. A Wilson trigger tuned to a nice carry 4 lbs. and the difference is night and day. Night and Day I tell ya. Just getting used to a decent trigger took me a couple of magazines.

I also took my Armscorp M-14 out with me. I had about 50 rounds of some questionable Indian manufacture 7.62 NATO that I was trying to finish up. I put a target up at 50 yards, one at 100 yards and just for fun, one out at 200 yards. Sorry, no photos. I had the range to myself at that point. I will say I hit the 200 yard target when I shot at it. I'm just not saying where.

Fun day. Then I come home to Brigid's cooking post. I'm sure there's something about lust and envy in the Bible. I'm just not sure they were thinking about Mock Armadillo when they wrote it. But if they had been, they would have excluded it, I'm sure.

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Brigid said...

NICE! I'm taking a pass on range time tonight, long, tiring week with travel two days of it.

Sunday though. .